Baby Lionelo Compact Stroller Kids Buggy Pushchair Zoey Black Onyx
Baby Lionelo Compact Stroller Kids Buggy Pushchair Zoey Black Onyx

Baby Lionelo Compact Stroller Kids Buggy Pushchair Zoey Black Onyx

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ZOEY - Stroller

Stylish Lionelo Zoey stroller is a universal product. A light and durable frame supplied with a compact folding system makes the product easy to transport and store. A comfortable seat and large sunshade with window offer comfortable travel, whereas EVA-foam wheels and full shock absorption cause the stroller to be very maneuverable on various surfaces.

Lionelo Zoey stroller comes with a waterproof large sunshade with window as well as broad and comfortable seat. The stroller has stepless backrest inclination adjustment through belt so that you can set it flat. The product is supplied with an easy-to-clean eco-leather footrest.

Zoey has stylish eco-leather finish and fluorescent elements which improve visibility of the product.


Zoey stroller is equipped with a light aluminum frame which can be folded to reach compact size, and a seat. A double folding mechanism and self-folding interlock guarantee high security.

Front and rear wheels of Lionelo Zoey come with shock absorbers which effectively absorb vibrations. High maneuverability and good adhesion result from the use of abrasion-resistant large wheels made of EVA foam. The product is available with a central brake, operated with one leg, and an optional turn straight-ahead interlock.



  • large and comfortable seat; 
  • possible to set the seat in lying position; 
  • backrest inclination adjustment through belt; 
  • double folding system; self-folding interlock; 
  • double shock absorption – front and rear wheels; 
  • rotating wheels (360°); 
  • front straight-ahead wheels interlock; 
  • central brake; 
  • 2 footrest adjustment positions; 
  • 2 belts height adjustment positions; 
  • waterproof XXL sunshade with window; 
  • waterproof and easy-to-clean seat; 
  • footrest with clean zone; 
  • two-sided detachable rotating bow; 
  • capacious basket; 
  • fluorescent elements for improved visibility