Large Breast Feeding Pillow Cotton Baby Nursing Maternity Pregnancy Cars

Large Breast Feeding Pillow Cotton Baby Nursing Maternity Pregnancy Cars

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We would like to offer you a very comfortable maternity pillow.

It can be very useful while breast feeding or taking a rest.

Brings relief to your tired spine and reduce back pain.

The nursing pillow is not just for nursing, its many uses makes it a best choice that has practical applications during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond. When your bump starts to show it can  support this while you rest. Alternatively it can be placed between the knees or behind the back to provide support while sleeping on your side.


When your little comes into the world, the pillow is a great choice for easily holding baby in place while breastfeeding. It is soft enough that your child will be comfortable and kept in the right position  for them to happily feed. Other uses include support for a child as they sleep, as an aid to help  a growing baby sit up. For an affordable price this one pillow therefore has a variety of purposes  that will keep it in use for years. It comes with a 100% cotton cover, and a non-allergenic hollow fibre filling Feeding pillow is a "must have" for nursing mums. It provides the perfect pre-natal back support or bump support whilst sleeping. Perfect for nursing, napping, feeding, relaxing, playing and reading stories. Pre-natal back support for you Support for your tummy and between-the-knees whilst sleeping Supporting and cradling the baby when breast or bottle feeding It helps baby learn to sit upright, and to cushion their fall if they topple over  For the prevention of Flat Head Syndrome


Materials: Outer cover - 100% cotton, 

Filling - Polyester fibre


Dimensions: Length - 170 cm, Width - approx. 20 cm

Certificate  OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

for textiles and bedding of 100% cotton for Class I products.